TEXAS KARATE School, Academy of Martial Arts



Safety in the classroom is our highest priority with the TKS TRAINING SYSTEM. Through the effects of our teaching innovations we at Texas Karate Shop are revolutionizing the methods of learning a modern and effective form of self-defense. The instruction we provide is based in Korean, Japanese and Filipino martial arts with additional studies in Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, and American defenses.



Traditionally in the martial arts the best students were selected and taught the skills to instruct others. These students possess the character traits of dedication to their instructor, self-discipline, courage, strength, and compassion.  These student leaders are our future teachers. These individuals, as excellent role models, possess the motivation, dedication, and character to create a classroom where all our students strive to do their best. Each student receives the training and supervision needed in an atmosphere that is conducive to their best development.

Jym Mitchell

Senior Instructor

•  7th Degree Blackbelt


•  30+ Years as an Instructor


•  Competed in the Texas Circuit &

    National Circuit from 1980 - 1993


•  Began Martial Arts Career in 1970


•  From Midland, Texas


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