Benefits for the Entire Family


FOR MEN - The TKS TRAINING SYSTEM will provide a means for you to release tension to cope more easily with today's faster pace of life. The overall effect of training will develop a calm, calculating mind, thus giving you the ability to intelligently choose the best course of action without being overcome by emotional stress. You will gain confidence with your increased stamina, higher energy level, and a more attractive posture. A greater enthusiasm for self- improvement will develop as you become more fit. Difficult tasks will be accomplished more easily. Your family, friends, and employers will notice a big difference!


FOR WOMEN - To be in great physical shape is an exciting benefit for anyone who wants to look their best. The TKS TRAINING SYSTEM'S aerobic workout allows you to tone and strengthen your body and still feel energetic. The practice moves are more interesting than the usual exercise routines and the knowledge gained will help you feel more capable of confronting danger. As your strength and flexibility increases, a feeling of being able to accomplish more for yourself will develop. So, if you need self-defense or just want to gain confidence managing normal activities at home, school, or the office this course can provide an exciting change of pace to your daily routine.


FOR CHILDREN - Parents have credited the TKS TRAINING SYSTEM'S effect in their children with better school grades, higher self-esteem, more outgoing personalities, and improved mental alertness. In today's world our children are faced with many distractions that make it difficult to concentrate on school work or helping around the house. By participating in the TKS TRAINING SYSTEM some of the first changes in your child could be improved posture, the use of manners without being reminded, and a positive attitude in self- improvement. As your child becomes more confident a sense of accomplishment develops. Muscle tone, strength and balance improves stimulating a positive drive to achieve a more productive happy life.


NOT FOR BULLIES - Please understands the TKS TRAINING SYSTEM is not for bullies. We help each individual learn to channel aggressive energy into socially acceptable forms of friendly competition and personal growth. As you progress in the Martial Arts an attitude of deep respect for all creation is nurtured while learning to appreciate the beauty and power in the self-defense moves of the Martial Arts.