What style do you teach?

We call our style Onami Ryu Jujutsu (O-nah-mee Roo Joo-jit-soo), which means Great Wave Style of the Gentle Way.  Mr. Mitchell's martial experience is broad and diverse. We encompass Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Philipino, French, European and Indian martial arts.  This covers the basics of striking, kicking, takedowns, throws, and unbalancing joint locks, submission holds and weapons.


I trained before. Do I keep my rank?

You worked for that and it is not our place to remove that from you. You wear the highest rank you attained elsewhere.  However, we do require you to learn Mr. Mitchell's curriculum and exams to recognize your advancement in learning our system.


How many instructors do you have?

Mr. Mitchell has 30 years teaching experience and personally supervises his teaching staff and classes. With 3 Instructors and 4 assistant instructors, we provide well-supervised attention in developing martial skills quickly and safely in our students.


How many students are in a typical class?

We have always believed maintaining quality is better than quantity. We schedule classes with adequate supervision so that everyone gets the attention that they deserve.


Are there Belt fees?

Unlike most schools, we believe in steady progress for our students. We don't charge Belt fees all the way through Black Belt.  Our degreed Black Belts are referred to our Professional Black Belt Degree Program, which does include fees.


What type of Belt system do you use?

We use a ten-colored belt system with as many as three stripes per belt.

Beginner Level - White, Yellow, Gold, Orange

Intermediate Level - Green, Purple, Blue

Advanced Level - Red, Brown, Black

Professional Level - 1st Degree Black and above


How long does it take to receive a Black Belt?

We examine each student every month with a stripe per month and a new belt every 4 to 6 months.  This schedule should take the average student approximately 3½ to 4 years. At times it takes longer if the student takes summer breaks and/or has absences.