Jym Mitchell

Jym Mitchell was born in Pasadena, Texas. He was raised in Midland, Texas where he spent most of his formative years, beginning his martial arts training with Chung Do Kwan in 1970. He has produced and directed more than 14 Amateur and 3 Professional competition events and has personally competed in the Black Belt Middleweight Division in the Texas Competitive Circuit from 1980-1992, and in the National Tournament Circuit from 1990-1993. During that time Mr. Mitchell served on the board of the AOK, the largest sport karate sanctioning body in the state of Texas, assisting with the organization of the rules and by-laws of that organization. Mr. Mitchell’s excellent organizational skills, experience working with youth, and his background in Sport Karate make him an asset to the American Youth Sports Martial Arts Association where he serves as a director. Mr. Mitchell contributes diligently to the continued success of this non –profit organization through his efforts and involvement and continues to impact the organization in a positive way.


Mr. Mitchell has been a member of AYSMA since its inception and is certified through The Cooper Institute of Dallas, Texas and the American Council of Martial Arts. Currently Mr. Mitchell has achieved the rank of 7th degree black belt and teaches his custom curriculum in Fredericksburg, Texas at the school where he has taught since opening in 1983.


The training that Mr. Mitchell has included in his curriculum is Boxing, Muay Thai kicking, and elements of Ed Parker Kenpo, Pilipino Escrima/Kali, Japanese Aikido, as well as Submission Grappling. He is currently studying an ancient family art of Jujutsu.  Camps and seminars that he has attended have been hosted by such well known Martial Artists as Bill (Super Foot) Wallace, Joe Lewis, Larry Hartsell, Dan Inosanto, Huck Planas, Jeff Speakman, Bob White, Steve La Bounty, Frank Treio, Tom Kelly, and John Sepulveda. In addition to his Martial Arts training, he has completed the Basic Paramedic EMT course, as well as business seminars held by Jhoon Rhee, Andrew Wood, Tommy Lee, Rick Bell, and John Graden.